Apple Jack Strain

I Love Growing Marijuana • October 7, 2020, 9:13 am
Some strains are known for being delicious, some are known for being enjoyable. Then, there are the strains known for being both, and that’s where you’ll find Apple Jack weed. This strain is a…
So I am stupidly sensitive to THC. It gives me residual anxiety (the next day) even if I just take one hit. It gives me paranoia if I actually get like high, high. Drives me crazy because for most…
Just received an email from my towns cops that reads: "Marihuana use impairs drivers and puts lives at risk..." "Legalized pot leads to increased black market activity..." "Potency levels continue to…
I was ripped off by a lady online who seemed legit. She showed me pictures of product, answered all my questions without skipping a beat, etc. I spent $200 with her! I ordered on September 8. She…
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